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You know what's that's going to do? Open the door for a la carte internet programming, which is where it should be by now. Are you willing to drop cable but pay $5/mo for the ESPN/Disney suite in near/full HD? I am. It can't work for cable/satellite but it can and probably will work for internet.
Wrong. It's not illegal to view, it's illegal to upload. Whether you want to view it or not is your choice. Quality isn't always the best, altho some streams are HD quality, most are not. I dropped cable to save money, I still like watching sports now and then, so this is my fix sometimes. I don't watch every game through streams. There are family, friends, sports bars.
No, that's not true. It's illegal to upload the stream, not illegal to view. So if you want to say your uncle Charley went to WalMart and grabbed a few DVD's then you went to his house to watch them, that's more like it.
There's almost every sports game available online, you just need to look for it.
First, I'm not saying that they're going to postpone it. But it's not because of snow. It's going to be the winds and very cold temps. 30 years ago it wouldn't matter (and probably doesn't now since it's CBS GOTW), but in this day and age, you never know.
Weather is going to be huge tomorrow in Chicago, Pittsburgh, Buffalo and maybe in NJ for the Jets game. The way the league is now, I wouldn't be surprised to see the Chicago-New England postponed a day.
We have Local on the 8's HD here on Blue Ridge Communications in NE PA. I saw it last night by accident.
I'm still waiting for "local on the 8's" in HD
I have heard that people in Georgia and around NYC has it....I'm not sure of anyone else
Still no Local on the 8's in HD. Could 2010 be the year? I'm not going to hold my breath.
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