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I am not sure. I just used the chat function on their website and talked with Rich. I asked him what the price was on a new, un-opened 4311 and that was the price he shot back at me. Does anyone expect the price to go down much more than this? I am still a few months away from being ready and could still hold off a little while longer if the price is expected to fall anymore.
I just called and preorder my 4311. They shoud have another shipment in next week. $1099.63 + $29.99 for shipping for a new un opened 4311 with a 3 yr man warranty and 20 day return policy! I cant wait to get it
The title probably gives you an idea of my knowledge on automation. But i am in the process of building my own house and now i am wiring the HT. The room size is 17x25 about the only thing i have decided own is purchasing a denon 4311 avr. I have installed 8 4" halo can lights and would like to control these when starting a movie. What equipment is needed and does it need to be installed during the rough in of the wiring? Thanks
And another...With the seating and screen arranged this way, it frees up alot more usable space.
I went ahead threw together another rough draft of a layout possibility. I am just in the early planning stages but plan on doing most of the work myself. As of right now, I have no equipment what so ever and will have a budget of around $13k-15k. If anyone else has any ideas for a layout, feel free to chime in. Room Dimensions 30' 3" x 32' 4" 4' pony wall up to a 8' ceiling The 30' 3" is measured all the way out to the dormer, so some of that footage will...
Hello all, we are finally getting closer to breaking ground on our new home and have a pretty good size bonus room upstairs. We would like to use the area for more of a "gameroom" than a dedicated theater room. I am thinking along the lines of a nice size screen, a bar, dart board, etc...I havent completely given up on the dedicated theater room but right now the gameroom fits all our wants more. With that said, I would apprieciate any feedback or ideas with the layout...
Thanks for the help and suggestions. Its going to be awhile before I am able to start on this project, I am just trying to obtain as much info as possible, I dont want to make any crucial mistakes. If anyone has anything they would like to add, please feel free. Thanks
Thanks for the quick reply. The way you answered question #1 fits my situation to a "T". I have 3 younger boys and we all love to watch movies all the time. Keeping the sound confined to the HT room would be a plus depending on the cost. We would love to go for that "cinema" atmosphere. I also plan on building a small bar in the back of the room for get togethers and stuff. The room would probably be used weekly.
Hey guys and gals, long time member but very seldom do I post much. I try to read and learn as much as possible here. What a collection of knowledge! Its amazing... We are getting closer to finalizing our plans on our new home and it seems like we have changed them at least 100 times . But the one thing that has stayed consistent is the HT room and the size of it. With that said, I have a couple questions I would like to ask. 1. Knowing now how much time and...
Hey guys kinda new here, but i got to go with the Pack here. 23-17 Man,its days like this that make me go crazy not having a nice HT room.Hopefully we will have broke ground on our new house by June and the HT issues will be put to rest
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