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@WM, can you post your updated ISF day settings.
This same opinion has echoed by David Mackensie of HDTV test Uk also one of the calibrators at VE shootout.
I had purchase the E8000 first. I felt the picture was great, colors and black levels were also great. However, I had a problem with set turning off and on randomly.I returned the set for the VT50. The VT50 is a great set as well. black levels are darker and the design is better. However, the processor is inferior to the E8000.General content on HD feed is better on the E8000. The pixels are cleaner and sharper on the E8000.The VT50 will have more accurate colors, darker...
Does anyone know if samsung fixed the shutting off randomly problem the E8000 has? I returned my E8000 for the VT50 and now considering returning the Vt50.
It is interesting . In overall video quality it was a tie.In real world content experts had it a tie.
Can you post your ISF night settings. Thanks
@D-Nice , The overall cailibrators results from the VE shootout showed a tie between the VT50 and the E8000. What are the main reasoning behind this? Are the two panels that close.
2012 VT50 King of HDTV
Anyone knows the results of the VEshootout?
Reference tv will be the pioneer elite as always
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