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Same with netflix
You can get both movies for $27.99http://www.bestbuy.com/site/hunger-games-blu-ray-steelbook-package/9999221900050000.p?id=pcmprd220700050000&skuId=9999221900050000&st=the-hunger-games-118629&lp=1&cp=1
Same with Netflix
Universal Classic Monsters..down to 18 pounds amz.uk
anyone receive shipping confirmation yet? Placed my order on the 7th..
I think you can only place 1 order per account. Just create another account with different email address if you want to place another order. Worked for me..
Looks like still working. Was able to place 2 different order with 2 different email. Seems like there is a limit on how many and what you can order. Best bet is the Bond 50 for $99 after discount. Not sure when this ends..
sale is over
use code FLASH foxconnect.com
Does the best buy extended 3d steelbook exclusive come with the 2D version also? It's hard to tell on their website. http://www.bestbuy.com/site/hobbit-an-unexpected-journey-blu-ray-3d/2450018.p?id=2762149&skuId=2450018#tab=overview
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