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I'm actually quite excited about this one. Hopefully reviews are solid. The trailers portray a cynical smartass type of humor which I'm a fan of. Cautiously optimistic.
This part of the world now wants a bacon cheeseburger.
I'm 6'1" and I'll take just about anything.
We represent but a tiny fraction of the movie going public. Most are happy with shiny things and 'splosions. Just look at the box office numbers for Michael Bay.
^ I want one.
^ This is going to be a blood bath. There won't be enough rosin or resin to patch the wholes left from this one.
I can't wait to tell my friends in 30 years that I was around during the great rosin/resin debate of '14. They'll never believe me. Until I link them to other arguments at AVS, then they'll be like "wow, that really happened..."
It was actually a raisin coated glove.
My wife won't want to waste a theater trip on it either.EDIT: To clarify...the movie may be excellent, but with the price of going to a movie these days, finding a babysitter, taking the time to go, the post by Tenthplanet above rings true for me about going to the theater for the blockbusters. Dialog driven films can wait for home viewing.
New Posts  All Forums: