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I was also having problem with my rf to ir remote extender. I located the IR sensor on the X1 box with a bright flashlight. There is a big round thing behind the glass to the right of "record" marked led. Once I positioned the remote extender transmitter on the IR sensor it worked fine. Apparently X1 sensor is not very sensitive and needs to be directly in front IR transmitter.
Has anyone tried to hook-up a PC with this TV? Also, any idea what maximum PC resolution 94U supports? To my surprise, the PC input in 94U was degraded to 15-pin D-Sub RGB from a DVI input in 92U! I was told that 92U had max PC resolution of 1900x1200.
In order to attach and secure the TV to the base stand, the round spacers/washers/discs need to lock onto the top of the stand. Please see the attcahed picture in my previous post. Does anyone what they are called and know their part#?
I just received the set from Overstock. But the spacers are missing! The round spacers are needed to mount the TV on the stand. Does anyone know the part number for these? So I may tell the Philips/Overstock people what is actually missing. Thanks, Ace
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