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I'm selling 4 BS 21's if anyone is interested.
Thanks for all your help. It's actually the HC5 and $1799.
Do you buy pieces and somehow combine them or is it one single piece? Also, can you order online?
Santa Barbara, CA
Thanks for the help. Yes, I do have some flexibility on projector placement. 14 ft is doable. What is S-I-L-V-E-R? or are we just talking a silver screen? Would a BOC painted be my best bet, or do you recommend another starting material?
I have a completely black room and want a 120" screen. My protector is a Mits HC9000D around 16ft to the screen. What would be my best option for the best picture?
Anyone else care to share their settings?
what are your settings?
I agree. I used his settings and home theater was better. That's what I'm using until I have my set calibrated.
care to share your settings?
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