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if these reports are accurate and Sony, Panasonic and Chinese companies getting ready to sell lg oled panels and with samsung not really in the game currently, can't think of a much better time for Apple to get in the large panel display market Mr. Cook, time to grow some huevos methinks apple would sell more oled panels than lg, panny and sony combined
I have great respect for George can't think of any other artist whose works created so much passion that those who love it most can never forgive its creator for making changes to his vision
Observations from watching show only..... I can't read based on that only, no reason at this point in time to suspect Oleana normal viewing (2x) no visible tampering with necklace seen. perhaps she's a magician but absent the suspicious speculation posted here, the poison orriginated. sans sansa'a necklace from viewed material, I would venture tywinn is the leading co-conspirator, and given the prior high regard that towin holds in him for bringing the Terrell's into...
I'm with Ron, still enjoying this better series than most non-hbo/a&e fare strikes me that Horlick is being the dumb ass here, blinded by revenge on this raid. strategicly his calls so far seem to make sense. rags judgment only seems impaired only when he's thinking with his d*** I mean who dumps lacgaertha?
last time i remember seeing tommen was when he was cowering with cersai during blackwater seems to have grown up way too fast since then................ what, 1-2 years in thrones time?
Well we can play game of thrones version of clue by identifying : Who killed Joffrey? Do they believe they can avoid detection? What is their game plane to survive once detected? NO SPOILERS!!!!! I suggest it is Queen Margery behind the assasinatpon, and she hopes to avoid detection due to fact she appears to be entirely without any motive to kill her husjband. I think, If my guess is correct. Margery is already pregnant with Joffrey's son and will continue as the...
well most of us wanted to strangle the little **** ourselves for some time nowsigns of a dysfunctional familyone terrifying sociopath in the family is murdered at a public function, and all the other family member immediately accuse, assume another family member must be at fault,entirely disregarding all those potential victims harboring revenge grudges against the departed for his prior monstrous acts,Let alone the prince guest in their presence who has repeatedly...
ok, when the hell did daario appear last episode?
finally rented this and saw it for a second timedamn, this is one fine filmhaven't seen slave but it wouldn't surprise me if 10 years from now this is considered best from 2013
for you beethovenFor me, john lennon
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