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Yes I certainly have an issue. Annoying particularly since it has started a snow ball effect where I am super super critical about lip sync for all content. I guess it´s not uncommon that the actors speech is not from the original take a lot of the times?
Oh god the interface. Okay I now found a AV sync option that is disabled when playing a movie. So you need to get out and guess what setting might be appropriate and then see if you got it right. Made 10 hugely time consuming netflix events but hasn´t found the magic number where it´s 100 % acceptable. Perhaps there is varying delay? Wonder if anybody experimentet with this and what ms number you arrived at? My onkyo receiver allows me adjust this on the fly but has no...
I suppose it´s the IQ that initially impress. I still feel it has a pretty flawless image just about always. My Asus BDS-700 can beat it on DVD with it´s upscaling though but that also has it´s fair share of issues...Complement eachother well though lol
Does everyone get audio sync issues running sound optical out through separate DAC and picture via HDMI? I guess I will have to try to hook my BDT320 straight to the tv instead of my receiver but that shouldn´t be necessary.
Have you tried disabling the bd live? I recon it´s not that but a compability issue but worth a try
It output stereo sound on the analogue outputs. Last time I check but I suppose you for movies chan choose from 7.1 downmix to stereo or just plain stereo. But for music playback you don´t have to think about that.
Do you set it completly off or in eco mode. Mine is silent if I turn it off. Really really loud otherwise. I have a plasma TV beside it and it don´t buzz nearly as much. But no problem with it completly off.I had a Panasonic BDT310 that had a high pitched whine when on too. I wonder where Panasonic get their PSUs from.
Got a problem with netflix and lipsync. If I run hdmi it´s perfectly synced but if I run spdif (optical) it´s not syncing 100 %. I run stereo settings for both the player and netflix. I haven´t noticed any issues with disc playback but will double check that.
I think it´s to late to say it has potential by now. It´s been out for a very long time and we still have a bluray player that can´t play bluray discs. It´s great as a dvd or cd player I have had no problem at all with that. the interface is spot on and it´s very pleasant to operate. I am not really much into the streaming business but it doesn´t have any app for any movie streaming service so it´s really behind there. Work okay with DLNA if you are using a server or...
It´s quite expensive in the US. I got one for 200$. It´s superb for dvd and cd playback but it can´t play bluray discs without crashing at least once per movie. I don´t much care for bluray players for streaming or media center usage. They are to limited and can´t be upgrades by yourself. If it would just been stable during bluray playback and less noisy during bluray 3D playback I would be more then happy with it. The concept is the best out there but the execution should...
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