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The service tech was going through his paperwork and reading off numbers to me to verify in the service menu, and I accidentally was pressing down on the circular navigation button on the center of the remote instead of the channel button at first (thus the altered Red Cut). My bad.
Thanks so much! I changed it to 00H. Were your b-cut and g-cut the same as mine listed above?
Finally got my mainboard replaced today, no audio glitch so far. One quick question for folks with the newest board (June 7th 2010) I went into my service menu and I think I may have altered the R-Cut (first thing I saw on the list). Would someone here mind taking the time to check the default? I assume we all have the same settings for the replacement June 7th 2010 mainboard. Service menu code: On the remote press Mute, mute, and then press & hold mute on the 3rd...
Quote: Originally Posted by JPowers They just replaced my main board about an hour ago. It was very straightforward and most people could do it themselves if they had access to the parts. They didn't use any kind of anti-static wrist strap like I use when working on my computer, though. I asked about service menu settings, and they said it wasn't necessary. I checked the firmware, and it's Maybe that's because I never bothered with the Canadian...
lol, funny post.Glad you like your set. The 670, 46" anyways, only has 64 dimming zones. There will always be blooming during occasions that are prone to blooming but much better than first-gen Samsung LEDs.As for blurring, I have quite noticeable blurring with 240 backlight scanning enabled, and many others here don't. Hope my new mainboard fixes that.Enjoy your set, It's a much better display than the majority of new edge-lit LEDs.
Agreed. A new mainboard is pretty much a *must* on the SV670 series. There's only 3 types of 670 owners:1. Those whom have experienced the audio problem.2. Those who haven't experienced it...yet3. Those who had Toshiba swap the Mainboard.This display was already long out of production by the time Toshiba released the Fixed Mainboard revision.Personally, I've only had the audio problem once while watching a movie on a standalone BR player, but I've had it happen at least 70...
A new batch is definitely a plus, with the possibility of a newer firmware version. ...That is, if a new batch really is coming and we won't be stuck in limbo.
Quote: Originally Posted by JPowers According to the repair facility, my main board is on back order. This is one of the complaints I read in the reviews of this business. (They tell people things are on back order) I'll call Toshiba and find out. Just faxed my info over to Toshiba today. Bummer to hear that the main boards are back-ordered.
Yeah, but try to download the file. Nothin'. Yanked from the server?
XV648 firmware download link is down: http://cdgenp01.csd.toshiba.com/cont...XV648U_001.exe currently running version 42 from the Canadian site on my 670, and have the garbled audio issue
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