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Would a dvdo edge help eliminate "vertical banding" that I have on my HDTV.....it is slight, but it is noticeable. I love the set otherwise. It is a Sony hx929 65 inch. Thanks for any help
i've had the 65 inch hx929 for about a month now....I noticed slight vertical banding when I trained myself to look for it, after reading up on it. I was dissappointed at first, but I've discovered that over time it has virtually disappeared. I rarely see it. Over time the set really seems to have improved. Can it be that some sets rid themselves of this issue after awhile? Sort of like a "break in period"? It really seems like that is what happened. I love...
Tried your suggestions....however i can only play the previews on the disk.....then it seems to just not open any other area. So I can't actually play the movie...can't get any menus on the movies as well. Strange
I've tried in vain to watch the bluray "The Expendables"....however I can't get it to play. Anyone know particular issues with this disk? It's the only bluray I've had trouble with. Thanks for any help.
There must be a bunch of satisfied owners of the 65 inch set. I'm hoping. I am about to have mine delivered. I'm feeling very anxious. I thought the set was beautiful each time I've seen it. Are there any satisfied owners?
Does anyone know when the 65 inch version will actually be available. I see it on Toshiba'swebsite.....but not carried by any stores
Is there a big difference,if at all,between the ex720 and the nx720? Is it the gorilla glass that's special? Thanks in advance. I 'm considering the nx720.
I really like the 63c8000...I was in a Best Buy to take a look at a set on display, and I touched the screen area and it did feel very hot. Is that just a condition of all plasmas or does this set run unusually hot. It didn't detract from the picture's quality. Is it an issue to you at all?
I really like the 65" vt25. I plan on getting one. However, I do not intend to just use this set as as movie theater, in the darkened basement. I am a sports fan and can't wait to watch football with friends on a Saturday....with the ceiling lights on. There are no windows to worry about. I know plasmas are historically dimmer than lcds, but will this set still be bright enough to almost rival an lcd for regular tv watching? I'm not worried about glare, just a...
thanks for the reply....if theses sets have an image shifter you can utilize,why is there all this concern about IR and burn in? I can understand burn in from perhaps leaving an image ,from gaming, static all night long,otherwise normal viewing should really be less of a worry right?
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