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I'm using the same box and also set it for auto dvi/hdmi. I get the same delay. It happens whenever the resolution changes. Ie 480i to 1080i or 720p. If you want to minimize the delay you can set the dvr to output only 1080i. I had an issue with the signal flickering when I forced 1080i. I also think the pq is better letting the tv upconvert or deinterlace.
Just another data point. Made in Mexico, August 2006. No clouding. Even with a vivid setting in an unused input. There is a hint of too much red but with normal tweaked settings (Cnet) even that is gone.
I believe that the 5% duty would not apply to a TV made in the US. Any other country would be 5%. Quote: Originally Posted by yllau Trunorth, just curious, where do you get the info about "5% duty on electronics over C$2K"? Does it depend on which country the TV is maked as made?
The 46" xbr2 is about the same price in Canada or the US at Sonystyle. It is $4699 in Canada and $4299 in the US. This converts to about $4800 Cdn. Only a $100 difference. You will pay a 5% duty if you import the TV from the US. This equates to about $240. This exceeds any price differential you get on the exchange rate. Unless you can negotiate a smokin deal in the US the economics just don't work out for importing. Remember you will pay gst/pst regardless of...
I'd suspect he sees the blurring when passing through the void from one parallel universe to another...
I think I discovered what my problem was. I'm using a SA8300HD PVR as my cable box. I had it set to auto-hdmi with the only available screen mode being 1080i. I switched it to allow 480i,720p and 1080i and the flicker has not re-occurred today.
Thanks. It happens every hour or so. The odd time it happens a couple of times an hour. I'm trying to determine if it is source dependant. I just watched a DVD and had no issues. Back to cable and I got a "flicker". I'll watch another DVD and see. I'm also going to try using a power/av filter/cleaner. See if this does anything.
Could you pleas report back to the list what you hear from Sony? I have a similar issue. Every once and a while the TV flickers. It is not terribly annoying but if there is an easy firmware fix that would be cool.
I have the SA 8300HD and I use HDMI connections to the xbr2. I have not seen this situation. What do you have the picture format set to on the PVR? Mine defaulted to fixed but I switched it to HDMI.
I've not watched the TV from 1 or 2 feet away. I'm ~7-8 feet away from the TV. I'll try watching from this distance and let you know what I see. By tiling do you mean artifacting?
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