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I hate to hear that so many folks here have had the IR/burn in issues, I had a 55ST50 for 3 weeks without any issues and now have the 65ST50 that is 2 days old. I am still doing the slides and watching TV in between and no problems. I guess I am a channel changer so maybe that keeps it from any images being on too long. I really like this TV and hope it lives a long healthy life without burn in.... Good luck with your new TV Jim
First, let me thank everyone on this bored for all the great info, it help me out alot, Thanks!!! I had a 55ST50 for 3 weeks and the first three days I had it I was not very impressed at all. The picture quality seemed a bit dark or muted. Then I used D-Nice's slideshow for a few days and calibrated to his settings and with a few personal tweeks the picture was outstanding. I decided 55" was just a bit too small so I returned it for the 65ST50 which I received...
I had the 55ST50 and used D-Nice's slides and settings and after a week the pic was pretty amazing with a few of my own personal tweeks. Well, took that TV back in exchange for a 65ST50! Just Shipped today, I cant wait! Just had to share JimT
Yes it does. (not sure if you were referring to my post or not) Jim
Thanks Muad Dib, I just ordered a new lamp but I guess after I change that I should have a professional come in. I guess it would be cheaper than buying a new TV Thanks Jim
My have a HLS5687WX/XAA. The picture is a black screen with fuzzy red and green horizontal lines flashing on it. Anyone know what this could be??? Thanks Jim
My local paradigm dealer has a set of floor model Monitor 9 V3. they want $500.00 for. I auditioned them driven by an Integra AVR and they seemed pretty good, maybe a little muddy but the room was wide open in the back (I am not sure if that has an effect on the sound or not) Is this a real deal or should I pass and save my money for something I would enjoy more? Thanks Jim
Thanks for the reply Rustdust. That combo fits into my budget just right.... Jim
Hello, after reading some reviews of the CF-70 I am considering using them in my HT. Can anyone tell me if the Onkyo 806 is a good match with these speakers of if something in the $600.00 range would be better. Thanks Jim
Hey Ray, what receiver was used to run the CF 70s?
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