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I have a Pioneer vsx s300 http://www.pioneer.eu/uk/products/22/98/405/VSX-S300/index.html I have 2 HDMI connected. One TV Cable and the other my HTPC computer. My problem is that when I am watching my Asrock Windows 7 x64 HTPC connected to my AMP, I can no longer choose the different menus of vsx-s300 to set a delay or change the midnight mode for example. The strange thing is that when I watch my TV Cable, I can access those menus. Somehow they don't work when watching...
It is not mentioned. What version is this? The original version or the Special Edition that was released few years ago with CG E.T. and no guns?
Make a difference in what?
As I said I do have a Smart B1. Smart units are not good and are faulty. They can not play a simple 29.97fps MKV files correctly. 2.3 MB/s is 18.40 Mbps. This is a special situation in where I am using dLan CPL. if you don't use it, and connect with wires directly, you get 6 MB/s. And remember this for copying files from a Windows PC over network to Dune. Reading files over network with Dune is different and I'm sure it can do it. I just use a USB attached to it.
The only important thing (for me) that A-300 has and the new Dune doesn't have is the Bluray Menu support. So if the Bluray Menu is not important, go with Dune for sure. You also have more control with Dune's interface with background images and covers and all that. If you need Bluray menu support, avoid Dune and go with A-300. You must know that for the moment, A-300 can not play live mms streams. A-300 supports 3d MKV in which if you put the right flag in your...
I am not an audio person so I can't test that. But today I discovered something disappointing. I discovered that this unit doesn't do full bluray menus. It does only bluray lite. Disappointing because I also have Popcorn Hour A-300 and that does full bluray menus. When they recommend the smart unit to you, they are faulty units. That doesn't help at all. I have a Smart B1 and there is a known micro stutter bug with 29.97 mkv files. Same files in other containers play...
http://dune-hd.com/hd_players/curren...hd-tv-301.html Today I purchased a Dune HD TV-301A. I had micro stutter problems with 29.97fps MKV files on my Dune Smart B1. This was a well known problem with MKV files that many people noticed. All those problems are gone with the new chip and they play flawlessly. The only problem which still is present and keeps me away from being 100% satisfied is the poor network performance. 301 is supposed to be 10/100/1000 but the most I...
I have a Philips Prestigo and Philips doesn't have this soundbar in their database. The original remote doesn't have discrete buttons for the inputs. It has buttons to cycle.
I just discovered this thread. Is there discrete codes for choosing the HDMI inputs? I don't want to cycle through them with one button. I want to program my universal remote.
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