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A very good rate these days.What it isn't because of your unhealthy high T level, that requires this daily leeching to keep the Hematocrit down, and your heart beating...Everyone has been dumping those big ass trailers when US gasprices reached half of what we pay. With longer US commutes I am sure it would still be cheaper to reserve the Bad Ass truck for its towing duties and get a nice Toyota, Honda, VW or similar for your commute. If you can bill some-one else for...
Contrast on the 12K lumens version was indeed limited. Colour close to Rec. 709, so a bit flat.
The P version is a 10K or was it 20 premium over the regular edition, according Peter in one of the other threads, recently. Is that a dialed down for additional contrast DP424B, or a fulll blown 32B? Edit: Oops, there's already a C series, no longer the B.
Single chippers use either full sequential RGB, or RGB with overlap, the latter provides greater brightness.
I guess that Barco is not implementing the Kodak simultaneous 3D technology, that was quite efficient, in any of its LASER projectors. IMAX is not asking for this?
Of course most currently available LASER projectors introduce scatter by exciting phopshor, at the same time tis acts as an anti-specle-devise, if I am not mistaken.
I guess Peter isn't marketing and publicising his projects well;-). Check out the Torus Screens in some of Cineramax projects. No need to see blendzones, just use a big projector with a big lens that has suffient focusdepth, and you are good to go. Of course an 360 degrees sphere is even more immersive.
So, this year I should make sure to go and see the demo at IBC. Usually these have been on times that are easiliy filled with other commitments.
Peter above is indeed a lovely picture, but I did see both the DPI and Panasonic LASER projector at ISE, and the Panasonic (6K lumens) had richer colors and perceived contrast was higher than the DPI. The 12K lumens DPI closely matched Rec. 709, and is specced at 2000:1 on-off contrast and that apeared to be lower than the Panasonic. I found it lacking in the contrast. DPI reps. told me that they could trade some light-output for a bit higher contrast ratio, but no major...
Is this available from NEC? or is this a third party modded projector? Need a budget solution for intermediately sized screens here in Holland. The six meter mentioned above might suit, or be a tad too small. So, is this an S2K 0.69" DMD with LASER unit bolted to the back? RGB or Red & Blue with prism like the DPI 12K Lumens unit? 1600:1 is a bit low, I considered theDPIs contrats a bit low, and that is specced at 2000:1.
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