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After cutting off the headphones what do you use for sound? Speakers? Or your own headphones?
The hmz-t1 goes for about 680 shipped on eBay now Brand new. If anyone was looking to get rid of their used one, I would bite for 600 Shipped. Anytakers? I really want one and I can PayPal today.
Anyone know where I can find one below cost? Or military discount? I've been wanting one of these since they announced it. Or anyone selling theirs?
Tried this and no dice. Video works fine for both, it's the audio on whatever is set to DVD that doesnt. I actually got it to work earlier today (audio working on both the PS3 and DirecTV box) until I turned off the receiver, I'm not sure what I did...maybe it was a power cycle. But I'm not sure what to turn off and on.
I searched the thread, but I only found similar situations, and they didnt help me. So I have a problem... I have my PS3 plugged in DVD (hdmi 1), and Direct TV HD box in SAT (hdmi 2). I only get audio with my DirecTv box. The ps3 through dvd/hdmi has no audio at all. If I switch the PS3 to SAT and DirecTv box to DVD, audio on ps3 works and not the box. I've set the DVD audio to hdmi and still no dice to whatever is plugged in the DVD hdmi slot. Any suggestions? edit:...
Is there any samsung 7.1 demo's I can download to test on my PS3 and this receiver? I know a couple people who are not convinced HD sound and video is much better than DVD. maybe something like this... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UJ1MOWg15Ec
Does anyone know what an employee discount on this setup would cost at CC?
PM'ed. I'm interested.
Price went back up at both CC(549.99) and BB(564.99). I'm planning on purchasing it sometime next week, hope it drops back down soon.
wow, $369? im jealous.
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