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Ahh ok, clears that up for me, thanks
Have you tried Chad's comment, a syncing problem? Is there a sync option with this device? If a device measures inbetween, out of sync, it will likely default into long exposure. Ive seen this with my jeti at times where it has trouble making a reading with a display, I run autosync and it speeds up the process and becomes more repeatable.
The xls worked for me once I converted the commas , to dots . Varibles, with respect to manni who has the device. These could be the displays that is being measured, settings, source device, operating system, type of laptop, what ever that could be different or can be altered. I do suggest a sharing of info with this user could high light a problem. A couple of factors which spring to mind looking at the data, LED , there seems to be a adaptive change for CalMAN. I know...
I always use and view absolute and relative together on separate charts because I believe looking at one alone can lead to poor results.
I am not a Spectracal employee, but maybe it's a "uh dunno", anyway a week ain't long in the scheme of things. Also they don't seem to list it for sale anymore which suggests they probably may not have it at hand to test. Anyway, a direct email to Spectracal could resolve the issue in a timely manner. But don't dismiss the fact that another with the same software and meter is having good results. So my question here is what are the differences between to the two...
Not true Ted User Manni replied on the 5th Sep, he uses a Discus and has found it to be a better meter in a number of areas. By all accounts he is using the same Software C5 variant, which lends to support a case for a difference else where, such as settings, hardware, drivers. Need to eliminate varibles down to few as possible to get to the root cause.
I asked Josuha if he could investigate if running Parallels or bootcamp on a mac laptop with the TTap would work. That is, CalMAN running on a windows in Parallel with the Mac os, in theory the "parallels" software might work.
Thats the 1201, the 1211 uses a different brand of spectro. Not sure what you were expecting JimP, the simplest form of spectro you can make yourself with a CD/DVD and cardboard box. But making it work and report real data takes a little more skill. just google Spectro design, actually the jeti site has good data in general.
I asked the little German man inside my jeti for a photo, but he declined as it wouldn't serve any practical purpose. Although he didn't mind discussing the matter over a lager and spicy sausage.
Don't forget there are 2 types of heat changes with this type of measurement. You have the thermal/ambient heat from direct contact or room temperature.There might be a reasonble temperature difference from pulling the meter out of storage and the ambient temp. The other source of temperature change/difference is light itself. A high luma output from the display has energy, the sensor measurements detects this energy to give you the reading, but this also is converted...
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