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But the MDP-130 is still limited to Windows 7 x86 (32-bit), correct? TIA.
Much appreciation for the info, Arnold
Hi, sorry this is so late, but question for the OP...What is the latest version of MSE that works for XP after EOL date?*Edit for rephrase*What was the revision of MSE that you confirmed as still working with XP? TIA.
Here's a thread that started about an hour ago on Slickdeals:Slickdeals: Harry Potter Hogwarts Collection - Blu-ray, DVD, UV $79.96 plus tax FREE ShippingHere's a link to the product (at WB Shop):Harry Potter Hogwarts CollectionSome SD folks are claiming there are coupon codes that can bring down the price even further...This set is a pretty comprehensive collection that includes all 8 HP films (including extended versions of several film that were exclusive to the...
I too have fond memories of this show. Maybe its fans can crowdfund a Blu-ray release The "Sports Night" series finale was the first time I saw Clark Gregg (who is currently enjoying a marvelous phase in his career )
Just thought I'd suggest a better AVS subforum for the OP's initial question: http://www.avsforum.com/f/18/dvd-players-standard-def Some discussion of LD still takes place in that particular subforum of AVS, and Kurtis Bahr contributes his considerable LD expertise there frequently (he helped someone with an LD issue as recently as two weeks ago). Your chances of getting helpful information about LD are better there than it is here, IMHO. Hope this helps. Good luck to...
I see. To be honest, I'm not sure if there are any modern alternatives to DScaler and compatible TV cards for analog (tho' I may be wrong about that). I've been around this HTPC forum for a while, and haven't seen any recent discussion on how to use an HTPC as an analog video processor. I know this used to be popular back in the mid-2000s, but it seems that the interest has waned considerably since then. So unless someone here can point out something else to try, I'd...
Just to clarify... - If I'm reading your post correctly, it sounds like you used your old HTPC to play (not capture to hard drive) analog LD sources to a digital display (i.e. LCD or plasma TV). This means the HTPC would have to convert the analog source to some digital video format (MPEG?), then de-interlace (with DScaler), then upscale to a valid DTV resolution (i.e. 720p or 1080i) for proper display on your digital monitor/TV... and your HTPC did all of this...
Wow, it's a no-go for sure. Sorry folks, thought it would work from reading thread for this offer on Slickdeals. It indicated that all BDs and DVDs would work, but obviously that is not the case. I will edit the first post to mark this deal as invalid. Truly sorry, everyone.
Invalid, please disregard.Very sorry everyone.
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