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3D Netflix depends on your internet carrier. The carrier has to adopt a certain protocol. Netflix has an app that will check this out for you. I have Brighthouse (dimhouse) as a carrier and they do not do 3D. I know my internet carrier sucks but DSL from ATT is much worse. Go to your help page in Netflix and follow the links on your PC to verify Netflix now offers 3D streaming for select titles in the United States with the following devices: •Sony PlayStation 3...
I simply bought some blackout curtains.I don't understand a setting. I installed a Panasonic 3d blue ray player and now the internet function has switched to Player instead of TV
Panasonic has posted a loss of 7.3B. Look for major changes
Panasonic Lost 7.3B in news today. I guess there will be some major changes. Get them while prices are cheap
Ok, thanks, I 'll give it a try.
I just added both a input toggle button and a inputhdmi1 command to the 880 and the 700. Also while I was at it I added a OK, direction up,down,right,left and a 3D. Since my sound bar gets its input directly from the D* when input video to HDMI and the TV uses the video input when connected to the Network Ethernet 10 T cable I also added that function to a button and did the same with Antenna. I also had to change audio inputs on the Shin Kin switch as D" is optical out...
DMP BDt220 SORRY CONFUSED WITH HEADPHONES: The Viera Link connects me to the internet and Netflix.. If I turn off the link won't this disable my Netflix button? BTW I use TV mode when thunderstorms block out D*
I agree that the software sucks but I have been able to get things to work after some fiddling. I even had a bunch of Audssey codes put into my 880 account that work my Denon AVR from sub menu's by Logi. What I am finding though with the Panny TV is that if I "watch a movie" with the 700 which is using HDMI 2 (inputhdmi2) the tv is left in HDMI 2 mode and then if I push "watch TV" even though it is programmed to use HDMI 1, since the TV is not turned off between...
I can't seem to find in myharmony a way to control making the TV change inputs on power down like it did under my former harmony 880 software. The my harmony software does not work as well as the old software. Must I create another account and use the OLD software to work and if so does that mean that all the setup under My Harmony.com must be deleted before setup? UGH! There must be an easier way!
At this time I can answer only part of your question. Page 2 of the photo's is there but no 3D and I don't see page one at all.. The provider is Brighthouse who provides cable TV (which I don't have) and Road Runner as the ISP. I followed the link at Netflix and Netflix reported that my provider had not connected to Super HD yet. I guess that what I was watching was 2d > 3D and not true 3D. As far as Direct TV goes I see only ESPN . at BB but nothing on my service...
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