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Hello all. First of all let me say thanks for this whole thread. Alot of great information here! I was hoping that someone could help me or offer some suggestions. My XBR800 started to experience random shutdowns about 6 months ago with symptoms similar to the ones described here. Occasionally the screen would flash red and shut down but I could usually re-start it immediately. Fast forward to today and it won't turn on. For a while it would briefly flash red with a...
Why can MS get an update to take less than 10 minutes but every time my PS3 does its what seems like monthy update it takes almost 30 minutes or more?
Yeah killing him is great and all but honestly its a waste of time since Spoiler   [[SPOILER]]
I've noticed the same thing myself. I think they cut way down on the number of nodes but maybe that's just me. Also no nodes awarded at completion this time around. I guess they added the respec ability instead. Which reminds me is anyone finding any new audio/text diaries on their new game +? I still have alot of empty spaces in the menu and I looked pretty hard for them the first time around, the second time I keep finding the same ones....
I'm interested in one I just wish they would have stuck with the traditional ABXY colors. Really though I just wish that Razer would hurry up and release the one they're working on for the 360. Sure its got a cord but everything else about seems so awesome http://www2.razerzone.com/onza/ I'm just getting really tire of waiting for it.
The really excellent thing about it is that it will include the first 3 as unlockables
This. In my 25 or so years of playing video games, very few moments rate up there with the farm.
I'm tempted; I really like the new look. But spending cash for something that won't really do anything I can't already do with my perfectly fine Jasper arcade unit seems unwarranted. I suppose I could sell it and use that towards a new one but I think I'll wait and see if this unit is any more reliable before I do that.
This is correct. Online gaming had nothing to do with the demise of the Arcade
That heat sync case looks absolutely awesome but not at that price
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