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I think they look good espeacailly for these type of speakers and size. IHMO nicer then tiny square boxes. BTW those pictures are with grills off here is another.
To op which energy system are you refering to? Searched but can't find it. I am assuming you are referring to the RC- minis but could not find the deal with 10 inch sub. Regardless yes performance would be greater better with the energy system. What are you going to use to power the set up? If you are looking for a cheap small set up and not setting to far from the speakers this would be a nice set up. Since you are looking at these I amsume you are looking for...
ENERGY S8.3 vs Energy vsw V8 Guys looking for a recomendation. Picked up a broken V8 on kiji for $75 problem was that the fuse kept blowing. Have taken it apart and see no obvious problem on only 2 parts that were touching. Need new fuses to keep testing. A S8.3 just showed up with in 10 minutes of my house for $115. Is it worth while to pick up the S8.3 for parts or back up? New amp plate would be $185 from energy or $115 for after market from parts...
You never know. Look at all the new vintage owner coming up lately. I live in the starter home area of a community that if quite upper end. Will start looking this year. Lots of garage sales from estate or people down sizing.
So wrong "distorting like heck" can and will damage speakers.
I absolutely believe you. Different people hear things differently I also can hear what you are talking about but does not bother me. For a week when I heard harsh ness or simbalance I turned on 7ch stereo and checked the rc10s. Every time it was in the sourse and played in the RC10s as well. Because I was playing in 7ch I would have to put my head right by the speaker to isolate it. I am just saying the Vs are not producing the simbalance just exposing it when...
How are using this set up? That is not a 4000 watt amp. It says 260watts at 8ohm but does not say any thing else. This could be one channel driven, or two total for both (130 each), also does not list at what THD. 4000 watts is probally an exagerated theortical under very specific circumstances. Since you thought you had a 4000watt amp and speakers that can handle 2000 you probally were playing them loud enough that the amps was clipping. Lucky you haven't done...
Large to get full frequency through them/
To be fair you should say "sound bad to YOU". I never noticed until you mentioned it. Even now if I play the same spots with issues on my RC-10s and stand by them I hear the same thing but not as appartent. The speakers are not producing simalance or over brightness just expossing it when it is there.
I have never heard the 2.8s but of the newer centers the v5.2c would be my choice. Finish matches and the V5.2 is more detailed which I think the old veritas was know for.
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