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I built a THT-LP for my home theater last year after hearing all the rave reviews of the output of this design. Yes, it delivers some thunderous bass, but I find it to be to soft for my liking. I want to feel the bass yes, but I also want it to be tight, clean sounding, and reach deeper. I used a P.E. 15" RSS390HF-4 and was wondering what others have built with this speaker. I am powering it with a QSC RMX-850. I have looked at many options from buying a flat pack from DIY...
Marty, Page 8 of the manual describes what you want to do. But looking at it a 50 or 30hz filter is not what you want in a sub amp and i dont see any other options. http://www.behringer.com/assets/EP2000_P0A38_M_EN.pdf Other than the ground loop, make sure that you have the speaker wired correctly for what you are trying to acomplish. All in the manual with pictures:D I would start with the LFE at 0 gain and that will give you room for adjustment up or down.
Hey Matt, All of my long cuts I had done at the big box store. I was going to have to rip the sheets down to get them in my car anyway, so I made a cut list and had them rip the panels into the widths i needed and did the rest at home with a circular saw and a 4' clamp guide. If i recall i dont even think they charged me for cutting the panels. I did hover over the guy to make sure he did make the cuts to the presise measurement. Looking forward to see you get er...
I thought this speaker needed a bigger box more like a 6 cu. ft. box. What am i missing?How do i get on the list for your flat packs?
If you really are serious about this, which you seem you are, your space needs to be professionally designed by someone who really knows what they are doing, and here is a name that comes up over and over.http://www.erskine-group.com/about.phpGood luck on that Hz AJ
If the cutout for the speaker is round, and the correct size, I would fill the holes with PL sand them down, turn the speaker a 1/4 turn and redrill the holes. One way to make sure that the speaker is in the middle of the cutout is to draw a circle outside of the cutout so at least 1/4" of the line is outside the speaker, then you can center the speaker inside the drawn circle and your speaker should be centered. Now all of your holes will be centered reducing tearout and...
Thanks Brad! What EQ did you go with? Are you using the EQ for your entire setup or just the subs? Agian thanks for the answers! Alan
Hi Brad, Love your build! Sorry to take you back a few months. Putting all the pieces together to build a THT-LP and like the idea of using a QSC amp. I just have a couple of questions. What type of conection from your reciever to the QSC, and where did you get the cable? What fan did you use for your fan mod on the QSC amp? Any review on your THT-LP's? Thanks in advance!! Alan J
A quick look on the Mits web site for the HC4000 and I found this for you:http://www.mitsubishi-presentations....ram_hc3800.pdf The HC3800 and HC4000 have the same chassis so all dimentions are the same.
OK, I finally pulled the trigger and bought an HC4000. Newegg had it on sale for $1059 with free shipping I have followed the HC4000 threads and this question is asked over and over "what screen should I get?" and we all know there are many many screens to choose from for different reasons. My question is what screen material really makes the image pop and 3D like, gives good blacks without sacrificing color uniformity. A low gain 1.1 to 1.3 white material? or A low...
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