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its a sign of fox going neutral i heard from an insider /sarcasm LMFAO
its a big bargain! but not for a game system compared to the competition. as the wii has proven not to many people care about high def blu ray - hd-dvd stuff
sweet the next step will be give away players and software since i already have a ps3 then i wouldnt mind some free blu ray movies or REALLY cheap ones
nope not to the blu ran fans like i say about the $299 hd-dvd players i wont believe it till i see them on shelfs till then its all fud from both sides
if that doesnt prove BR/BDA fanboy or employee then what does? i dont care if he posted the list or not theirs plenty of other places that would of or will, its just a way for him to say his unbiased and keep some of the hd-dvd people from saying otherwise in his eyes. kind of like someone stabbing you in the back and then paying for the funeral. and beat boy blu ray fanboy whatever you call yourself WE WOULD HAVE THE LIST SOONER OR LATER unlike rayers i dont care much...
maybe fox is going neutral
chales no scarface guess american me will hold me till....
it really depends on your setup... with my old htib system i couldnt hear any difference at all. got new towers and receiver and now i can hear the difference between dvd and dolby digital plus and truhd and truhd is leaps and bounds better then dvd quality through hdmi then optical. here is the system i had and a graph of the speakers response the second one is with def tech towers and center channel and denon 2807 receiver (graph) so it shows how with a...
btw im out im gonna watch my first blu ray movie the prestige lets see how it turns out.. time to break in the ps3 well not really my first lol my first in about 2 months lol
yah its attempting with two different time shots... also what would you rather have a 300 horsepower car that gets 10 miles to the gallon or a 300 horsepower car that gets 30 miles to the gallon? could mpeg 2 be the reason why a good amount of fox titles dont have extras? or are very limited? or another reason bd java has really been fixed?
New Posts  All Forums: