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I can understand your expectations about Sony, but sadly, I think the idea of build quality has become an oxymoron. I think you have a decent shot with a new cable. Digital connectors can be a crap shoot. Good luck with it.
It's kind of funny, but my experience with Sony versus Samsung is completely reversed. I have owned 3 Samsung Blu-ray players and all three were trash. I am not exaggerating either. None of them streamed worth a damn, and none of them consistently played discs without crashing or freezing. On the other hand, I have bought two of these Sony's without a glitch. I should add that I have never used the enclosed cable on my Costco one as I use hi speed Monoprice hdmi cables.
Did it for about a year. I can tell you it was no fun for my back, but as already noted it worked great for a gang of youngin's. They're just not good to sit through a long movie.
In some sick way I'm glad someone else had this problem as it makes me feel less stupid. BTW, I've had this unit a few months and outside of the initial setup, it has worked flawlessly. I should add that flawless is a word I seldom use to describe our hopelessly flawed electronics.
I got a refurb from Samsung and they didn't even bother to reset it factory defaults, instead, it had information from the first owner. You really never know what your going to get new or refurb. Quality control is something of an oxymoron. Being an oxymoron myself, I can recognize it. R7
No and No. I have never seen this happen on the Sony or any other streaming device I've used and yes I do watch credits.R7
I first bought Samsung products for my computers. I purchased 2 flats screens and they worked quite well. Then I bought a Samsung phone and it worked just fine. Okay, now I by 3 Samsung blu-ray players and OMG what crap. They frequently crash when streaming or even just playing a disc. Not one of them works right. Of course, they work intermittently, which just makes them hard to diagnose and repair. I did contact Samsung and after being run in circles was told to just...
I have to second what cchunter has already noted. The beauty of these Klipsch speakers is they are very efficient and can be driven by a modest amount of power. Personally, I have always believed if your going to spend some extra dollars on a system make it the speakers as they are chiefly what makes the sound. Good luck with those RF82's you'll love them. R7
I have an RC-62II and while I don't have anything on it, I think it would easily hold a 50" LCD. If you are concerned you might lay something flat on it to distribute the weight evenly, but I doubt it needs it. I would also trying to contact Klipsch about it as I'm sure you are not the first person to want to do this. Good luck with it. R7
My Audio settings are as follows: Digital Audo Output.......Auto DSD Output Mode.........On BD Audio Mix Setting.....Off DTS Neo 6.................Cinema Audio DRC.....................Auto Downmix....................Surround These work fine for me. Don't ask me what all the settings mean, I just know they work for my 7.1 set up.
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