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im still seeding! my pc never stops, its seeding 24/7 full bandiwidth enabled on my poor old 120mb line (at one point it was upping at 20mb)it's currently connected to someone possibly in australiai will try whatever i can to fix it but i don't know what else to try? initial seeding?
i don't know whats happening it's def uploading to somewhere/one by the looks of the flags it's currently going to 2 americans and 2 australians have you tried deleting the torrent and starting from scratch? im not 100% as to how it works but it must be working somehow as people have grabbed it
im still seeding it cut off a few hours ago(had to reboot) its seeding to about 40 people at them moment! there are 2 seeders atm (im one, thanks to the other!)
its back seeding now DOH!
i think i may have sussed it! i pointed it to the folder, when it should have been yhe folder/directory above will know for sure once its finished checking (it really is one of those days today )
no its weird the files never moved, i deleted the torrent by accident reloaded it but it's insisting i re-download it even after i force checked it etc:mad: as nobody is leeching it at the moment is it ok if i make a new torrent file for it?
aarrghhhh i have somehow managed to delete my original torrent from utorrent! i opened the torrent file that i created and pointed it at the folder where the files are, it checked it but its now proceeding to download the files again rather than seed my originals! any ideas please? as im stumped! thanks
Excellent news! I have been using mainly tsmuxer to extract clips in 2d is there a more beneficial programme to use for 3d? Or just use the ssif folder and save to a .ts file? Thx for the advice
i am also thinking of doing a 3d discs but i can't figure out how to get the clips in full 3d (no SBS etc) and then find a programme that will put them all together i did a basic collection for my reelwood disc but would like to up the ante and add some 3d with a v2.0 disc
i have no idea sorry, im constantly seeding (apart from 2 reboots overnight) it says im uploading to 7 people at 1mb at the moment, fingers crossed you guys are in that 7
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