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Sale pending on SubMersive. PM's on other items will be answerd by Monday.
For sale is my beloved Seaton Submersive HP 2400-watt subwoofer, designed and built by the master of bass Mark Seaton. Original textured black finish in excellent condition. Sub functions perfectly in all respects. Includes original power and sub cables. Selling off all my home theater gear due to a cross-country relocation. I will also be listing a Velodyne SMS-1, Anti-Mode 8033, Epson 8350 1080P projector, and five Rocket speakers in Rosewood - RS850 tower pair,...
Will have to wait til 2012 for the 2nd SubMersive purchase, for now I decided on the least disruptive choice for finances and marriage and am upgrading my original single SubM to the HP amp, and I PayPal'd funds to Mark last night (had to get in before the amp price increases start in March). I chose the $900 upfront to get the HP amp shipped to me first along with the return label for my old amp (and $515 coming back to me after Mark receives my old one) because I do not...
Wow, so the tester is accusing HSU Research of a lie and coverup?? This is interesting indeed
Yes, I believe you are correct that Mark designed the SubMersive eq'd response to have less of a drop in the roughly Quote:Originally Posted by Bunga99 I know most of us don’t lying to our better half BUT………..How about just upgrading to the HP amp first on the current SubMersive? If you are discrete the wife would never know you’ve upgraded and it would be fairly inexpensive. You could reap the benefits of more headroom and if you choose to engage the second DSP, ~3db...
I agree with you. Duals were on my consideration list until this completed AH review. I'm certainly not saying it's a bad product, even Paul summed up his additional report by reiterating it's the best bang for buck at the price, but the performance under 30hz doesn't meet what I'm after for my system and room. I do wish HSU all the best.
So I have had the itch for a few months now to tweak/upgrade my subwoofage. I have a single original SubMersive now and am considering adding a 2nd to get a +6db co-located headroom increase (at a later date upgrading each amp to the HP), or doing something completely different for kicks and going with 4 Empires or 2 CHT 18.2's (not as likely that I would leave the Seaton family though). The deal is, I promised my bride last year I would not spend any more cash on HT for...
Very interesting, I was under the impression that Dr. Hsu was the designer of all his subs and that he had even helped others such as SVS in the past. I'm curious if there was a falling out between Paul and HSU at some point in their relationship?
Ethan and Adam, STUNNING job, in 5 years on AVS I have never seen an enthusiast review anywhere close to this cool. I like your no-nonsense attitude and approach. I'm having a blast reading through each section and watching the vids and will be going back through it all again. Thank you for sharing freely with us the fruits of your labor/time/money, and mostly for bringing some FUN back to this forum! Lifting a tasty pint to you both - Cheers! Ross
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