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The plot of this episode (and the next) are that they have "Saved Greendale", thus completing the premise for the season of the Save Greendale committee. Jeff and Britta have no reason to stay at Greendale anymore. The whole premise of the pilot 5 years ago was that Jeff wanted to hook up with Britta. The characters feel that getting married is the only way to "move on" and grow as people now. Obviously they are wrong. It is supposed to feel like a wrap-up series finale.
I liked this episode, but I think its important to remember that it is the first episode of a two-parter. Also, the "plot" of this week's episode was that there wasn't supposed to be a plot, which leads to the plot (yeah sounds confusing). AVClub explained it better. The fact that it aired separately from part 2 I think took away from the episode. Some of the funny lines from this week: Chang taking notes, then turning the notepad so we can see: it says "tomato" Jonathan...
People people. When I said "interest of fairness", I was speaking specifically regarding Sheldon's obsession with choosing the correct product, his past propensity for choosing the incorrect product, and his apparent construction of a pros/cons list for each gaming system that includes the company that created the gaming system. The reason for Sheldon's impasse is ostensibly because he has an equal amount of weight on the pros list as he does the cons list for each gaming...
It was a joke. Calm down.
Sheldon: I stood in front of a case of iPods, and I bought a Zune.Amy: What's a Zune?Sheldon: Yeah, exactly. It's an MP3 player brought to us by the makers of Xbox.
With regard to equal opportunity, Sheldon talks about iPod vs Zune as an example of a Microsoft failed product. I thought that in the interests of fairness, he should have mentioned that Betamax (which he also supported) was a Sony product.HD-DVD (which I also supported, and still own!!) was primarily Toshiba.
So I should not catch up on AoS until I've seen Captain America 2, then? Or at least, shouldn't watch any new episodes of AoS until I've seen Captain America 2?
So, here's where I'm at, continuity-wise. I stopped watching Agents of Shield (but still have all the episodes on my DVR) at the December break, so basically everything from January to now I haven't seen. I did not see Thor 2 in theaters, either. I have not seen Captain America 2 yet. I'm just really busy lately and haven't had time to catch up on Agents of Shield, plus it started getting a little boring to me (The comment above comparing it to Dollhouse actually makes a...
No one said it was terrible.We're just trying to explain that other than Darkest Timeline, the show has never done something that wasn't really happening to the characters.In Abed's Christmas, each of our characters were actually acting out the fantasy with Abed. But in this, it was all a dream in Jeff's head. Everything that Buzzkill said was something that Britta *would* say, but it wasn't actually Britta saying those things. Same with Three Kids/Shirley, and...
Haha, I literally just said this same thing over on another forum. I think other than the darkest timeline, this is the first time this show has ever done this. Even Abed's Christmas (referenced in this episode, to boot) was effectively real.
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