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The HR20 is a complicated new box and the cornerstone of D* HD strategy. Neither the TiVo S3 or the HR20 are perfect yet. Look at the wider picture; consider total cost over a couple of years and look what HD programming is promised by the service operator. With both options you could be committing yourself to a 2-3 year contract. Also consider a monthly lease from your cable company of their own HD DVR if they offer one. If they do not tie you into a long service...
The Vegas TDC575D is a new SD DVR from Pace that works on Motorola networks. Pace Vegas Link Pace Vegas TDC575D Technical Specification Pace Vegas TDC575D Quick Start Guide Pace Vegas TDC575D Operators Manual Pace Vegas TDC575D Release Notes Thread Would anybody who has one of these boxes, please post their cable company and area on this thread. If you have any problems please post them here as previously Pace technicians have monitored AVS to...
Pace is an independent company based in the UK. They make boxes for S/A, Motorola and OCAP networks. Pace may licence some S/A technology but they are independent and design their own boxes. They can not make DVR's for the S/A network. They also make the new HR20 for DirecTV.http://www.pacemicro.com/americas/home/index.asp
The Tahoe was late but has been sold and delivered to other cable companies using the Motorola network for the last 6 months. I can only speculate that due to the delays Comcast cancelled the Tahoe until cablecards are added next year. If Comcast take an HD DVR from Pace then it may be the Tahoe or a new model. The SD DVR started shipping in Sept but I have seen no reviews or customer references to it on the internet.
Correct the Pace box is a SD DVR only. Comcast may buy an HD off Pace when the CableCards are added. Wrong. Pace make the Pace box to run on Motorola and OCAP networks. It is not made by Motorola. The Panasonic HD will only work on OCAP networks. Don't expect to much from the TiVo Comcast deal. TiVo are not doing the hardware and their software contribution will be very limited.
Pace only have the Tahoe TDC775, an hd dvr for motorola networks
I am posting from England and I am a Pace shareholder. If BHN is Brighthouse then I believe Pace still supply Brighthouse and may supply them with the Tahoe (HD DVR) and the Vegas (SD DVR) very soon.
Is there any chance that the Tivo 3 or the Comcast Tivo are being made by Pace. Pace announced a new contract with Comcast last year, soon after the Tivo Comcast announcement. The delayed Tivo delivery times are similar to Pace's reported delays with Comcast Pace have just started delivering the HR20-700 to DirecTV
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