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I never figured out how to correct this. Is it possible? I'm noticing it more with my PS3 now ;(
I've noticed that my now 2 year old plasma looks terrible on white backgrounds. The image quality is still on par with its initial for a normal image, but when watching hockey this becomes evident. I can see vertical columns of light blue and pink instead of a nice white. The columns are 6 inches or so wide on average. What can I do to fix this? Line conditioner? I self calibrated the set a long time ago, and am very happy with every other image (well maybe not...
NE1? It's cutting off my legend of zelda stats on the WII Virtual Console - very important :P
I find it hard to believe the Sylvania is a better option than the westy out there. If the DVD breaks, I'll either open it up and fix it (some of us can solder and read meters) or throw it out and buy a new one. Assuming that some clause in a manufacturer warranty excludes that function. Anyone do a true comparison of the Sylv, West, and Toshiba?
My 5053 'HAD' this problem. Not sure if went away because of the 2500hrs on the monitor now or from changes at my calibration (I'm a novice, so I mainly do some trial and error). I auto-cal'd the panel with a black/white checkerboard pattern, I have brightness at 63 and contrast at 82. I also changed the panel type from PDP_42 to PDP_50 in the service menu. Again, I may have done something or it may have just aged. -n
Darn, I found this thread and was hoping for some real answers. I'm in a similar boat, I would LOVE a combo device in the bedroom. My LCD will be on the wall by the sliding closet doors, there is no place to put a shelf. The 'shelf' is 9' high on a decorative shelf that gives a little artistic flair to the vaulted ceilings. So my HR20 can go up there, as using a remote is fine. With a DVD, I'll have to actually be able to reach it, so I'm stuck. It's too bad the...
My HR20 DirecTV HD receiver and my A3 Toshiba HD DVD player now run through a STR-DG910 Sony receiver to output via 1 HDMI to my Samsung 5053. I now experience overscan issues. HDnet's test pattern shows 6%, and I want to get that down to 3%. How can I do that? The blue picture button only lets me choose 16x9 or 4:3 and not zoom1 and zoom2 because of the HDMI, there is no correction available that I can see in user or service menu. So I ask the experts? Thanks
Thanks, I found to change shop mode you press volume up on the TV's hard buttons, then hold menu until it switches. Unfortunately this did not fix the problem. A little more testing. The TV set works as expected in other modes. Just not for HDMI's, which has a Dish 622 attached to 1 and a Samsung DVD to 3. Thoughts?
Thanks, I 'assumed' that the OP was keeping #1 updated with issues. Also, TV is on 1026 firmware.
Is there a setting somewhere for this, or does problem indicate a problem with an internal battery? All picture calibration settings are stored in Standard and remain through power cycles, the display just always defaults to Dynamic.. thanks all
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