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Hi, I'm looking for matching surround speakers for 265-LS (left, right) and 255C-LS (center). The speakers must allow to be hung off the ceiling and I'd prefer dipole/bipole speakers. Would F/XiA4 be a good match? Thanks, Lukasz
Is there an RS-232 keystone jack available out there? Given its size it may not be an option... Alternatively, can someone recommend an RS-232 wall plate? I'm building a custom shelf and panel for all my A/V devices and want to provide an RS-232 connection to my TV for automation purposes. Thanks, Lukasz
One more question, would it be better to use a Cat6 STP (shielded) or UTP (unshielded) version? I will be running cables behind a moulding. Thanks.
Thanks all for replying.
Hello, I'm doing a renovation in my apartment and since I will be also replacing the floors, I wanted to run Ethernet CAT6 wires to multiple rooms from my router. Say, I have 3 different locations (A, B, C), where I want to run wires, would that be correct to run separate CAT6 cable from router to all these 3 locations (router --> A, router --> B, router --> C)? My understanding is that I won't be able to daisy chain Ethernet connections, so I have to run independent...
I will be returning my CMU-BR100 camera that I bought for BDP-S790 due to mediocre video quality. I tested a Skype video call on my home network between iMac and the player, and found out that video quality captured by iMac's built-in camera was much better. True, that built-in iMac's camera has a higher resolution (1280 x 1024) vs. CMU-BR100 (1280 x 720), nevertheless this should not explain rather a big difference in video quality. Given the price, CMU-BR100 is not worth...
From my experience, the interface feels slower and less user friendly as compared to PS3. And on a few occasions it become unresponsive and I had to power off/on the unit. Also, I prefer a bluetooth remote (PS3) vs. IR as I don't have to aim at the unit. I wish bluetooth was more common in AV equipment these days.The only advantage of BDP-S790 is Skype support (there is no Skype for PS3) but you have to buy a dedicated camera from Sony.
I think that PS3 Media Server default profile is not optimized for Sony Bluray player. It should be possible to tweak the settings though. There is no harm at all to run more than one server and I may try that option to see if it works better.
Very slow to show files. On PS3 I can see the same files almost instantly. I can try Serviio but would prefer to stay with PS3 Media Server.
Hi, I've just got BDP-S790 for my bedroom and was kind of disappointed when I found out that PS3 Eye camera is not supported with this unit. I'm thinking about getting the officially supported CMU-BR100 Web cam but have no idea how good it is. Has anyone tried CMU-BR100 for Skype calls with this player? The other issue I found out is that DLNA player is very slow, even when using direct Ethernet cable and most of the formats are not recognized. I'm running PS3 Media...
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