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Echo Bridge is showing 2 "Coming Soon" listings on their site with Equilibrium: a 6 movie High-Powered Action Pack and a Miramax 4 movie High-Powered Action Pack. The one that we know for sure is OAR and DTS-HD is the 6 movie pack, correct?
Looks like I'm out of luck on my PN43D430. All other models getting a fix but not this one.
For me, it seemed the music in the 7.1 mix was spread to all channels and sounds almost like it's around your head, too hollow or artificial. I only watched "Farpoint". Everything else sounded really good.
So, no D450 owners got an update?
Has anybody with a PN43D450 received a firmware update? I have a PN43D430, but I'm thinking it's just a rebadged 450. Samsung has no official webpage on their site. It was a Wal-Mart Black Friday exclusive.
Anyone know if Samsung will provide an brightness pop fix / update for PN43D430?
Messing around with this receiver a little more over the weekend and I found a setting that gets me close to what my previous Onkyo sounded like. I've set the decoder to HD-D.C.S. and [SURR] [EFFECT] from [STUDIO] to [THEATER]. This gave me better bass extension and little bit more treble. The only downside seems to be that surrounds get bumped up a little hotter, but that is easily remedied by going into speaker levels and turning them down 1dB. Watched Battle: Los...
I'm thinking it's a rebadged PN43D450, but no 100% sure.
I'm wondering if I could request the USB fix. I bought my TV from Wal-mart during Black Friday, and the model number doesn't appear on the Samsung site. I was able to register the TV, but if you do a site search the TV doesn't show up at all. BTW, model number is PN43D430.
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