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Samsung support on twitter got back to me and the message was "This behavior has been previously reported to our team & unfortunately we do not have any troubleshooting for your particular issue at this time. I apologize." Hopefully 'at this time' means it's being looked into, but my hopes are down.
This never happened to me on my previous 8-yr. old plasma coupled with the same Blu-ray player for 2 years. The Netflix issue was with the same Blu-ray player and the new TV. It hasn't happened since on other material from Netflix, but the brightness pops continue.
I've got all adjustments, eco-sensor, etc on my PN43D430 turned off.
Watched "Water for Elephants" after Netflix incident and connecting to another HDMI input. Still had a few pops, but at least screen didn't go dim and stay dim.
So here's a twist for ya. I'm watching a movie off of Netflix streaming. About 15 minutes in the picture goes to about half dim and stays there. Had to cylce through inputs to get it back to normal, just so that a few minutes later it went back to dim. Had to set it out of movie mode and put it on another mode to look OK. I'm getting ready to return this set.
For all those having problem and that have a twitter account I suggest tweeting to @samsungsupport. That way they can see how widespread the porblem is. I've started a dialog on there and let's see what happens.
Happened again last night while watching "Sarah's Key" on DVD. The brightness pops happened at least 3 time during the movie. Just took me out of the movie each time. Annoying. Seems my set (PN43D430) is getting worse. I've only had it since Black Friday.
I had terrible pops watching Superman: The Movie. The rear-projection really flutters in brightness and the black bars to maintain the letterbox go black to light gray throughout most of the film. Where it was really noticeable was in helicopter rescue scene. There is one shot where the helicopter is approacing the Daily Planet tower right before it lands to pick up Lois Lane and the black bars jump 2 or 3 shades of gray.
I bought the Wal-Mart Black Friday $400 43" plasma, model PN43d430. It, too, has the brightness pops. Seems a little less in dynamic mode, but it's still there.
I wish they would add DLNA and the Netlfix 2.0 interface.
New Posts  All Forums: