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A "lease" in a legal manner is not what you think of as a lease, eg leasing a car, an apartment, etc. where there are recurring payments. You do not buy software, movies, music, etc. You are granted a limited use lease to use the content. The caselaw involving videotaping didn't address backup copies, it addressed time-shifting. This was at a point in time when VCR's were new to the game and people were using them much as we use TIVO today. The court ruling made time...
Short answer is yes. The OMD line is/was the top line for mirage
Quote: Originally Posted by upstate-avfan-da Terminator salvation should be way less than 4. I used it first when I got my new set up and was so disappointed at the lack of bass. It should have been much stronger. Has anyone seen daywatch or nightwatch? I need to rewatch since they are like Russian equivalent to the matrix series but way better and with vampires (not the crappy tween type lol). I've seen both daywatch and nightwatch, both good...
Eli, is it technically possible for Boxee to matrix the 2.0 signal so that the additional 3.1 channels don't contain dead air prior to output?
Serioisly, what will it take for some of you to understand that the licensing agreement is between dlink and Dolby, not Boxee and Dolby?While some of you seem to think that isnjust semantics, as a matter of contract law I can tell you it's not, and puts Boxee in the middle of a situation that they neither control nor have the ability to rectify
No thanks your doing enough to account for Both your units.
Saw Thor tonight. I thought the bass was Impressive, even in a theater. Should be a 5 star flick when it hits disc.
Except your wrong. IVE paid for a product. YOUVE paid for nothing since youve returned your BB and have been refunded your money, right? There enough whining going on in this thread without crap being stirred up by someone who at this point is just trolling because, hey, you don't even own the product.
What the rest of us don't understand is the need for the constant whining and piling onHere at AVS. Does Boxee not have forums where the ranting can take place?If I were E Id stop coming here at all given the hostility displayed, why subject yourself to this on TWO fronts?
You returned your box didn't you?
New Posts  All Forums: