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Is there a way to turn off the ads? It is very annoying that to see an ad displayed when changing the volume not to mention the ones on the home screen. Is this just how all SMART Tvs are now? Last one I had was 2010 Sony Bravia but no ads. It's not like the TV was subsidized, I would have hoped after shelling out 1700 bucks they wouldn't force ads on me.
Has anyone had issues getting the PS3 to sync to the Harmony Ultimate? Everything was fine until a few days ago - for some reason it wasn't paired anymore and now I cannot get it to connect again. I have had the Ultimate since May and this is the first time this has happened - when I go to the PS3 "Manage BD remote" in settings it instructs me to press "Start" and "enter" on my remote to pair, I try pressing all combinations on the hard buttons of the remote but nothing...
Just spent 120 hours+ running D-Nice slides. Went to custom and followed all the setting changes perfectly and the picture looked amazing. Shut the TV off and now all the settings are gone. Is there something I am supposed to do to save the changes to the custom picture??? Also, is there a way to stop the stupid ads from appearing when I change the TV volume.
Amazon has a Sharp 4K 70" at 5K and there is also a sony 65" 4K at 5K, safe to assume in 5 years these prices will be cut in half I think. TVs seem to have a variant on Moore's law - In 2005 I bought a 42" Phillips plasma, it died in 2008 within warranty and that netted me for the same price exchange a Pioneer 50" (much, much better TV obviously), now that has died and for almost half the price I am getting a 55" high(ish) end Panasonic.That is why I suggested you just...
Have you already setup and tested your internet connection?The TV should require an update once you try to get to your first app - have you done that update?As other poster mentioned, do you see others apps? What do you see when you press "app" button on the remote?
Man it seems like everyone is trading in their Pioneers for VT's this month! I just lost my Pioneer 5010FD to the 12 blinking lights of death and replaced it for a 55" vt60. I have only had it a day now but without even calibrating I put in a BluRay and set the picture to "THX-Cinema" and it looked as good, if not better than my Pioneer which I loved. I was trying to get a ST60 through the recent deals at Frys and Pauls, but I missed out on those ($999 for a 60"!) crazy...
A 4K 70" TV is around 5K today, so safe to assume in 5 years it will be cheaper.
Suggesting someone open a Money Market account is now considered "gangster"?!?! Sorry I left that detail out, but I didn't think it was that big of a stretch to consider another retailer accepting a smaller TV if you buy a bigger one for their difference, even knowing you got the TV elsewhere. I'm probably wrong but with all the hassle he would get from having to ship back to Pauls and pay the cost I think it might worth at least exploring.
Don't make assumptions. Best Buy knew full well that I bought the TV from the Bose outlet store. I was on my way to return it there and they offered to take it from for same price if I bought a bigger TV with 4 year warranty from them.
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