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yeah I don't know why you tried to return it at a different store.. I would have expected the same results.
my PDP-4360 proved to be the wrong display choice for this gamer.... I love playing Xbox360 and I particularly love playing Gears of War online multiplayer. I've been playing it pretty consistently a couple times a week since it came out last November and alas the white gun icon in the upper right corner of the screen is permanently burned in. its not very noticable but I see it, particularly during light colored, moving scenes (like a panning shot of sand dunes...
I love Pioneer
I did a little more research and I think I'm just going to go with the 917. its got all the features of the 816 (including LCD remote) and its got HDMI. it'll only cost about $100 more too ($350 shipped for a brand-new unit off ebay).
yeah I noticed that too and it does have the mcacc jack right on the front. I think I'm going to go for the 816 but what sucks is they're selling for more than the 817! all the ones I can find are re-furbs too. guess everybody got the memo about the 817 being stripped down. why did Pio do this anyways? even the 815 is looking better than the 817.
I'm looking to get a new receiver because my current Pioneer VSX-D412 only has one optical audio input. I'd also like a newer Pioneer with the blue lights to match my Pioneer plasma I've been researching both the VSX-817 and the 816 and from what I can tell the 816 is better(?). Now I know for a fact that this year Pioneer "cheaped out" on a lot of stuff. for instance their plasma's don't have the seperate MR receiver and their 42" model is down an inch from last years...
I love listening to itunes through my stereo at home but I've got an imac that was the generation right before they started selling them with the small remotes. so when I found the Pioneer ipod dock it was a godsend because I love Pioneer stuff AND I could listen to my music through my stereo with a remote! no more having to get up and go over to my computer to change songs. so my question is this- I'm still waiting for the dock to ship ($104 new off ebay) so I was...
Quote: Originally Posted by eric102 On the Pio's they are for D-VHS recorders, should be a whole section in owners book on how to record OTA HD programs through them. ah.. very interesting. guess I shoulda checked my owners manual... :rolleyes:
I was checking out the back of my Pioneer PDP-4360HD's Media Receiver and noticed its got not one but two Firewire/i.link ports. What on earth are these for? plugging a camcorder in and looking at videos or plugging a digital camera in and looking at photos? I know the new 4270 model switched to the more universal USB but again, what are these ports for? thanks
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