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I've been using the Samsung 165 with my new sanyo Z2 with great results with the 720P DVI out put. But was wondering if the MDR had any advantages over the sammy?
Runco has acquired the assets of bankrupt Vidikron & Projectavision
http://www.projectorcentral.com/nec_LT240.htm Anyone have one? Any Known Problems etc. Anything better around the same price. Also, I think it's 2x but couldn't find any proof. Is this right? I am very happy with it.
Come on Owners what have you come up with? I have done the Video Essentials set up.
LT240/260 owners what have you come up with for settings? RGB, s-video, ect. Should we all chip in and get colorfacts?
Mike what type of screen did you go with? I have a high-power DL 2.8 gain. seems to cut down on RW and does not have hot spoting. They used this sceen at the Apex shoot out. Also many LT-150 owners used it with very good results.
Internal Dew it may go away in time with running. I believe it's because of the cold weather shipping and sealed optics. was the unit room temp when you fired it up?
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