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Go to http://www.dexid.org/wiki/LG_BD570 Scroll down to "Firmware Releases - Files and Release Notes". Note that many issues can be fixed by install Firmware version .323C, setting the 1080p Display Mode from 24Hz to 60Hz, and turning off BD Live.
Not sure, here are some ideas: - Just a guess, perhaps the filename is not being recognized? Maybe you have special characters in the file name or it should be a lower-case .mp3 instead of .MP3? - Try a different mp3 file - Make sure you eject your USB from your computer to ensure the data is not corrupted. - If you have another device that plays mp3 from a USB, see if it plays in that device
Shipped my player out with pre-paid postage and got it back in a few weeks. The player works fine now. Thanks LG!
I just used Live Chat to get my drive repair process going. Here is a transcript: Chat Transcript Time of chat: 6/24/2011 11:45:08 AM Length of chat: 00:17:00 Your name: Guest Chatted with: Stephanie 10:45 AM Notice: Guest opened session with Stephanie. 10:45 AM Notice: Chat for site: LG Electronics 10:45 AM Notice: Chatted from URL: http://www.lg.com/us/support/index.jsp 10:45 AM Notice: Please provide your first and last name.: David Nedde 10:45 AM Notice:...
Hi, I did most of the work on that website and thx1138 provided the firmware images. dexid is a wiki, so feel free to create an account and upload additional images and update the website text with problems and solutions. Dave N.
There are firmware files on the wiki http://www.dexid.org/wiki/LG_BD570#F..._Release_Notes along with a description of problems with each version. Upgrading to the latest version will not solve them. You will have to downgrade to version 211 or set your display to 60Hz instead of 24Hz.
On 12/29 hellboy0306 called them and was told it would be "released in the next month"http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showt...1#post19725341
Good idea. I just added a section with firmware version information. I extracted the data the best I could from this forum, so if you see any errors, please fix the page or let me know.http://www.dexid.org/wiki/LG_BD570#F..._Release_Notes
No problem. Actually it was thx1138 that added the firmware links. As a Wiki page, anyone can go in there and update or correct the page.
From the BD570 Wiki page: http://www.dexid.org/wiki/LG_BD570#C...er_the_network * Try again in a few days. There may be many people updating and slowing down the server. * Download the firmware from LG. Go to www.lgusa.com. Click on Video then select your Blu-ray model. Then click Support, followed by Drivers & Software.
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