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Thanks for your input! I haven't seen it in the store yet...
C$2300 or so 65-inch room with no windows seating 9.5 feet away sound quality doesn't matter; won't be used. would like nice black and details in shadows and such wondering if I should go better quality 60 or 55-inch for same budget, or save a third and go with 60-inch (current sweet spot in pricing?) 3D optional smart is cool, but connected to smart bluray anyway. Considering the Panasonic TCL65E60 currently at C$2142. Seems to be the cheapest 65-inch at my local...
C$2142 is currently US$1961, so the price looks about right to me from what I see on the web. Is it a good choice? This is for a room with no windows (so plasma would have been ok but they appear to be more expensive).
The OP posted on 5/22/06 and here we are nearly 35000 posts later.
Nice inset La Scala Coytee! Makes them disappear!
curved = Palladium ?
Considering the 65-inch TCL65E60 currently at C$2142, although I won't be buying until the snow has melted. Thoughts?
Coytee has Jubs (http://www.avsforum.com/u/7585925/coytee). I use Cinema series as rear surrounds; they match the Heritage series pretty well IMO.
Funniest in a while! It was great! My wife was telling the kids that's exactly how I am when deciding (or not deciding) between choices to buy.
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