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Looks like it is back up and running. I will unload my shotgun now. KRBC is still off the air however.
Okay after looking around I am pretty sure this is what I saw at Sam's Club and I assume what is at Costco as well.http://www.amazon.com/VIZIO-E-Series-E500d-A0-50-Inch-1080p/dp/B00BF9MZ9OI was not aware that any of the E-series TVs were ever made with 3D.
I saw the same thing at our local Sam's Club on Sunday. I can't remember what the model number was either but whether this be a 2013 or 2014 E-series TV, none of them were made with 3D were they?It was in the new box with the red hexagons.
Let me know what he says because I don't think this is normal IR for the time the images are staying on the screen. Yes it does go away but it shouldn't show any IR after only having the Viera menus, netflix menus, or Dish guide up for only a few seconds.
I can tell you that if I watch a NFL game on Fox that logo will be retained for days after I have watched just 3 hours. I have over 800 hours on my set and I think the IR is getting worse.I can bring up the guide on my Dish Hopper and navigate around to a channel then switch and the white DISH text can be seen on my screen for several minutes afterwards, and I was only in the guide for 30 seconds or so.Some panels are not this bad but mine has to be as bad as you can get.
There is a thread that speaks of this specific issue but I can tell you this...with Game Mode ON, I notice NO lag in CoD:Ghosts while playing online. I am not a professional gamer but I am not bad and I have not noticed a difference between this and my old model Panny Plasma as far as lag. If you do not turn Game Mode ON then you will notice the lag, and feel like you are incased in a jelly, it is slight but it is there.Don't hesitate to buy because of the reported lag.
This is so frustrating too. I can find the 65" ST at Best Buy but that is way more than I was wanting to spend. I really hope the 60" ST60 comes back in stock soon or I may just have to go buy a 65" S64 at Sam's Club.Anyone know when we might see more ST's back in reseller warehouses?
Why is no one buying this TV? Is there a better option considering the price and size?
I have Dish and sub to the locals but also receive them OTA in case of bad weather or situations like this. So I can still watch everything (which isn't much on Fox) that I want to but just don't have the guide data. I am so tired of Dish and these broadcasters doing this. It is greed from one or both of them and who really suffers? The customer does. If they don't get this fixed within a few weeks or months people are going to start leaving Dish, DirecTv has locals...
So does this mean that since KTXS can now broadcast from their studio in HD that they will no longer need to drop to SD while scrolling weather alerts across the screen? That is the absolute most annoying thing any of the local channels do.
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