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Yeah I noticed the header on the top of my queue today talking about the distribution problems. They say they'll be issuing "credits" accordingly. Not sure what that means or how they'll quantify who gets said credits. I mailed out 3 movies on Monday and they're still not listed as returned in my queue.
I think the cracked discs are mostly isolated incidents and if its happening regularly its obviously a problem with how your Post Office handles them. I'd think Netflix could probably add a bit of protection to these shipping envelopes though but maybe they haven't had enough issues with this to consider implementing some change or for it to be cost effective.
Same here. Been a member since 2003 and I've never had a cracked disc. I've had maybe 2 SDVDs that were scratched so bad they were unplayable but thats it. BD and HDVD rentals have been flawless.
I believe you need to proceed through the second to last step of the checkout process before the discount is applied.
Lucky Number Slevin has been 7.99 pretty much everywhere for months now.
Thats to bad about xploited. I've always been happy with the service I've received from them. For what its worth I just placed another order.
The last month or so? IMO they've sucked ever since BD won the format war. I hardly buy anything anymore.
Me either.
IMO? No. Its worth a rental though.
SHARK still works.
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