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You will always have this simply based on lack of training. The counter help and CSR's have almost zero technical knowledge or training. They are there to add/remove equipment and make account changes. I love not having to deal with them any longer... Wish I cancelled service with them much sooner.
A little too late... I dumped them and pretty much watch no TV anymore. Not missing much and finding I can easily live without it.
Feature wise, it sounds like they've added or changed just about everything I'd been asking for. Glad it took me canceling service to finally see it come to fruition! LOL Keep us posted on the developments. Some screen caps would be cool too...
WSTM via OTA is solid here.
I went through a fiasco trying to get the HD channels with a Ceton 6 tuner ETH device. Time Warner couldn't make it see anything other than SD and claimed in order to do so, I would need their equipment. I had a Tuning Adapter and we have the new channel line up. My ClearQAM channels appear to be gone to. I got fed up with their incompetence and just cancelled again. Done with reps who don't know the product, being outright lied to, and just the general crap.
Probably bad software on the boxes. I had enough of them and cancelled altogether. Time Warner is just not worth the headaches.
Did you do a reboot? I had that happen when I first installed my Whole Home and a reboot fixed it.
FiOS is dead for most of CNY except where its already rolled out. Our best hope would be community/municipal based broadband. You assertion that Time Warner's rates are insane because there is no competition is spot on. It's likely why no rep can ever give you an actual standard rate when you make such an inquiry.
Again, yet another reason not to deal with them. The sheer incompetence. However, to be fair, that is the way of the world today in big business.
I really don't have issue with the line up or Internet service. The phone service wasn't even that bad, but the overall price points are just of no value. Ooma just crushes TW Phone though. The biggest downfall was and is Navigator and the poor whole home solution as its implemented. We may opt back into cable using Xbox 360's as our set tops with the TWC app for on demand, but I really think we are going to find the same setup with OTA whole home and play on plus...
New Posts  All Forums: