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The provision of not being seen from the street is null and void under OTARD rules. They have to allow it where it can get signal. That said, you can look for some of the hidden dish options like the signal transparent "rocks". If you want further info on this, feel free to PM me. I don't want to hijack this thread too much.
Is the fence on your property and did you install it? (IE: is the fence your property?)An HOA cannot regulate an Over The Air Reception Device on your property. Now, if the space is for common use then they have a claim. Can you mount it to a pole in your yard?Taken directly from the OTARD text:Q: What restrictions prevent a viewer from receiving an acceptable quality signal? Can a homeowners association or other restricting entity establish enforceable preferences for...
I'm basically waiting to port my home phone which will automatically cancel out phone service with TWC. Once that is finished I can turn in all their equipment. It's basically all timing right now. We aren't really using any service other than Internet, but holding out because we don't want to lose our phone number. The reasoning has nothing to do with the blackout, but I'm still impacted because CBS is discriminating against us for using TWC as our ISP. Hopefully, the...
I have gone from sat to cable and various levels of service including HTPC. I've contributed a lot to the forum versus your thousands of one line troll posts to instigate people. I called you out before on your BS and I'm done with it. I'm just blocking your posts now. If you feel in contrast to the numerous people I've helped and that all I do is whine, then I suggest you do the same.
Yea, TW's DVR is one of the worst Whole Home setups. LOTS of room for improvement with the Navigator software. There is a whole thread on Navigator if you want to participate in the discussion.http://www.avsforum.com/t/723830/time-warner-cable-navigator/18240#post_23569744Just ignore this stuff. Always the same people posting nonsense that has no helpful content or adds anything to the discussion or debate.
That's all well and good for now until Dish has a dispute that results in lost channels (and they will) while you are stuck in a two year contract. No provider is immune to these extortion tactics.
I would urge everyone impacted by the CBS blackout to file a complaint via the FCC website about CBS blocking their online content during this dispute as well. They are discriminating against TWC Internet subscribers by means of a programming dispute to impact other mediums. This type of action should be illegal. I would also suggest mentioning the loss of other non related pay stations being blacked out as retaliation over the CBS Broadcast station dispute. I've long said...
Of course they will. More and more people I know are dropping cable for other options.
It's motion blur (most likely coupled with TWC compression artifacts). A plasma set would make a world of difference, but the compression artifacts will likely still be there. How bad the artifacts are depends on how much signal "grooming" TWC is doing along with how much data they are putting on each QAM. The more they cram into a QAM, the more compression required. This tends to vary by division.
As Joshua said in Wargames: "The only winning move is not to play" That's why more people need to cancel in masse. My point has been that people all have preferences, but no real choice. If one wants to support sports programming, that's fine, but I shouldn't have to pay for it. You shouldn't have to pay for what I like to watch either. Since the FCC won't regulate, it's up to the people. We've decided that we can go without our preferences because there is no value in...
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