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I am FINALLY able to stream "No Shoes Radio" on my Pioneer 1120K using the following address: The previously provided address from the Sonos forum would not play but I noticed when I entered the link into Firefox, it changed to what appears to be the direct link. This plays beautifully on the AVR. I hope someone finds this and it helps them out.
By the way, I have tried http://playerservices.streamtheworld.com/api/livestream-redirect/NSR1.mp3 which I found on a Sonos forum, and it does not work on my Pioneer receiver.
Ok, so the link no longer works. Yet, after considerable searching, I can't seem to find the direct link to the radio station. Does anyone have an updated link?
So a quick run down of all the responses shows only two to be considered even remotely on topic. Can we please get back to the original question of any ST50 owners jumping to 6500s and why? There are many other threads on IR and calibration.
So I went into the service menu of my TH-42PX60U to check how many hours were on the set (almost 10,000 ) and now the service menu pops up every time the TV powers on. I have exactly the same problem as in post 15 of this old thread: http://www.avsforum.com/t/733843/the-answer-to-all-your-px60u-service-menu-questions Can someone tell me how I can end this madness? I followed the usual instructions to enter the service menu (hold down Vol -, press Recall three times), but...
So I went into the service menu to check how many hours were on the set and now the service pops up every time the TV powers on. Can someone tell me how I can end this madness? I enter the menu with Vol Down and Recall three times and then simply power down the TV when finished, but the menu pops back up every time I power back up. Any ideas? I was thinking of flashing the firmware. I am still on the original version.
They are $16.77 each right now on Amazon. I just grabbed a pair
Had my 50" delivered today (was ordered Friday thru Amazon). The Pilot delivery "guys" were almost two hours late after the promised 9am-12 delivery window. The delivery guys were a couple of young (teens-20s) guys and one of them carried the box in to the house by himself as the other one sat in the Budget rent-a-truck. Had the paperwork ready to sign as soon as he dropped the box, but had no problems with uncrating it to check functionality. Slightly less than what I...
What site was that?
Like has been said already about possibly better shipping, the more important part is the more liberal return policy. You may not expect to return the set, but you may get a dud. I'd rather deal with Amazon in that situation.The other big issue for many on Paul's vs Amazon is sales tax. Each has states that do/do not charge tax. Could be a big deal for some like me.
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