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Which model?
No love for D-Sonic?
@limiman,I chatted with two different reps at EE on two different days - one of the reps was "David" and the other one was "Rich". Both deny that $1099.63 was given to anyone. Did you keep a record of your chat? EE seems reputable and reasonably consistent with their pricing. Both times I was quoted $1193.66 like others have stated. Just sayin...
Hi FilmMixer. I am looking for an AV receiver so I would value your opinion. I believe you recently sold your Onkyo 5009 and replaced it with a Denon 4311CI. Which one do you prefer? Is there some other AV receiver you prefer over those? Finally, what is your setup? Thanks, Kokishin
Maybe my post was not as clear as it could have been. I was just being supportive of Noah's efforts and patience to get the 972 operating correctly. I appreciate his efforts. Noah is doing all of us a good deed by keeping us up to date.
Noah, I'm cheering you on as I am sure others are. Don't let the nabobs get you down. It will all work out. All the best!
Great! You can find and report the bugs so we will have firmware updates available when the 5507 comes to the U.S.
What drives are you using?
Alan, Please elaborate. Thanks
Color-blindness Cured by Gene Injection in Monkeyshttp://news.nationalgeographic.com/n...e-monkeys.html Step up and take it like a man, uh monkey.
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