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Always wondered about transform filters in MPC-HC. Should I enable them or not? I have them all disabled and everything seems to be working. I've been running it that way for awhile. I guess if it works don't fix it so what am I missing out on by having them off?
I've been using LAV for a long time but one thing I've never been sure of is deinterlacing. Do you have any of the boxes checked such as Aggressive Deinterlacing? And when should you use YADIF? I generally have DVD rips and a couple BR rips.
Thanks for this. I've been wondering about it for a while. Looks like blocking WM ASF Reader will work to allow me to use MPC-HC for DVR-MS files as well. Blocking these too and using LAV Splitter, Video and Audio is working on my test machine so far.
I tried this a while back but gave up because I saw the same results you are. Would be willing to try again since I would like to get ti working. Are you using MADVR or EVR?
Also be sure you don't move MadVR after you install it.
Looks like my HD-PVR died No longer recognized on my HTPC and when I plugged it into my laptop, same result. Bummer. I wish there was some magical reset but I don't think so. The hardware is a few years old and used for TV so it is on all the time. Guess I'll be scraping together some money for a new one. Prices are remarkably the same even after all this time. Hopefully Hauppauge has reved it a few times and made it more reliable.
I found this on another forum once. Not positive this will work but it is worth a try..... 1) Open up C:\\Windows\\win.ini in notepad. 2) Add the following text to the end: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\\SOFTWARE\\ArcSoft\\MPEG Codec\\Decoder Setting\\] AudioOutputMode=6 AudioDynamicRange=1 3) Change the numbers to match the settings you prefer. There are multiple AudioOutputMode settings which correspond to some speaker configurations AudioDynamicRange: 0: Light 1: Normal 2:...
Quote: Originally Posted by Ryan L Yeah, that's the main reason why I figured there's not a whole lot of noise on this issue, people are using other players for movie files. I try to use TMT because it does have some nice features and is very easy for the family to use. It remembers the file paths of the movie files, last played, and even remembers the last stopping point of what you watched. The GUI is so simple to use too. My biggest issue with the...
I've gathered up a ton of details about getting the HD-PVR working with Windows Media Center and the native Hauppauge drivers. It is definitely not a plug-n-play process. Hopefully the new internal card will help out some of these issues. In the mean time, if you want to check out my guide, it is here: How-to use the HD-PVR with Windows Media Center
DVBLink is the new version. Even linked to from Hauppauge. http://1geek1tool.com/2009/06/hdpvr/...-for-hdpvr-1-0 The set up is a little easier than it used to be but it didn't work via my HP extender so I gave up.
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