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After reading so much great feedback on Dynaudio I am heading to Chicago tomorrow to take a listen with the possibility of purchase. I am primarily looking into the DM and Excite lines unless you all have some other ideas for me? I am currently rocking some Onix Ref 1s that I have been very pleased with, but I have a need to move on and hopefully up!
NHT Super Surround is on sale right now for $699. That would leave room for a pretty nice receiver and the NHTs work well in a small space. I actually just got this set up for almost the exact same situation. I used my older HK254 and it is golden man. Good luck Ty
The NHT Super 8 would probably work pretty well for him on that as well.
Slick-Would it be better to perhaps go with 2 smaller subs or get one really big one? I don't think the wife would appreciate some of those really big boxes around the house =)That is a lot of my problem in the living room...the wife. Not to mention the "listening area" is not as big as the entire room. I could get two smaller subs and put one in a different corner? The room looks like this....__________________________________________________________] ...
Hello- I was hanging out today listening to my living room rig through the iPod, HK AVR254, Onix Ref1s and Energy 10.3 and decided it sounds pretty crappy with music. It is wonderful for HT, but for music it's not awesome. I have narrowed it down to (IMHO) the Sub. It is "slow" and pretty boomy and one note sounding. I know it is not a great sub, but for HT it does a fine job...especially for the money I spent on it. So, my question is this...what sub for good, fast...
The Epos 5.1 system is on sale right now through musicdirect.com I have never heard it, but Epos has a reputation for quality speakers. Something to check out anyway =)
Dan- I totally forgot about the new Verus, thanks for the reminder! I will start reading some reviews. My Ref 1s have held up great! They still sound wonderful and look great and the only issue I have ever had is the loose binding posts...and those are really easy to fix. thanks!
All these opinions around here and nobody even tells me to get a certain sub?! Inconceivable!
Mac- Thanks for the idea man, but I have heard the RC line, and while they are great speakers, I prefer my Ref 1s. thank you, Tyson
Hello All- Looking to toss together a 3.1 set up for between 1500-2000. Room is fairly small at 12'X10'X8'. Will be powered by my old HK AVR254 which has been perfect for me for almost 3 years now. Some of my requirements: No Ash black! I know this is common, but I want either a wood finish or a gloss black. Can't be huge. I don't mind towers, but nothing huge as the room is quite small. Has to be a soft-dome tweeter or a pretty relaxed metal/ribbon. I...
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