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Excuse me if this has been gone over, but I just skimmed through a few months worth of posts and didn't see anything conclusive.... Is there a clear winner, input latency wise, for large TVs? I'm looking for a 55"+ that'll give me the lowest lag possible. Thanks for any info/help!
I've been searching and haven't found anything that really covers this. Is it possible to do a DIY manual pulldown screen? I was given a large swath of GrayHawk, all rolled up in a box. Unfortunately the room I'm mounting my RS10 into has a window on the wall where the screen is going, so I need to get a retractable screen. I'd love to cut this material down to size (I'll only be able to fit maybe a 92" 16:9 screen) and somehow make it into a pulldown screen. Any...
Yeah, I already have the dispute filed. You know, a lot of people have told me over the years to stay away from eBay for anything of value. I've had pretty good luck with all my purchases up until this. Oh well, can't win them all I guess. Anyone know where I might find a new 6020FD, 141/151, or 600M these days? I've already had Best Buy people search all the warehouses around here
Absolutely used PayPal, and it was an "eBay Buyer Guarantee" seller, so I should (eventually) be able to get my money back. There's no way this guy is an authorized dealer, seems like just some dude who sells a bit of stuff on eBay. Guess I'll give a call to Pioneer and see if there's any other way to get the hours used, or to get the Home / Retail menu to come back.
I'm not having any luck finding a F -> F straight through serial cable (only have a Radioshack and a Frys nearby). Any other ways to check hours? The seller is still giving me the "If its on the Home / Retail menu its considered new" crap. Someone earlier in the thread said its possible to get back to this menu - I've searched a bit and haven't been able to find any instructions on how its done. Whats the easiest way to get back to this screen? I'd like to move past it...
I bought a 6020FD "new in box, never taken out of box" off eBay. Guess what? The TV has obviously been taken out of box, it has scratches all around the bezel, the speaker is missing, there were loose screws just rattling around in the box, etc. etc. Good thing I took video + pictures as I was opening it. I'm so frustrated right now. Argh! I so wanted this to be the end of my TV search! Quick question for those of you who actually got their 6020FD new - is there that...
My LG 60PK750 will be on its way back in the next few days and I've got a new 6020FD on its way. I absolutely can't wait! I tried and tried to find one in my area but in the end had to go to eBay. Ended up paying quite a bit more than the poster above me (especially with freight shipping) - but I feel like it'll be worth it.
Thank you VERY much!
Hey guys, I found a supposedly "barely used" 6020FD in my area - going to hopefully be checking it out this week. Is there any way to tell how many hours the unit has on it? I'll be bringing a PS3 with me to hook up and run through some basic stuff (patterns, a bluray or two, maybe a game) - but I'm worried this set was just run for days on end as a demo unit and won't be worth the asking price (which is quite high).
I would be quite happy with it if that were the case - but it seems like the PK550 might actually be a better panel. According to Chad's reviews the PK550 gets a much blacker blacks. Not that I was expecting Kuro-level black here, but I was expecting it to be at least a bit deeper looking than this - especially when I paid more for the PK750 than the PK550. As I said, I'm going to give it a few more dozen hours of use and tweaking before giving my final judgement. I'm also...
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