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PS3 and PS4 both can do so, I was using this (had a PS3, got a PS4) until the update came out for my 4520.
So far so good on my 4520. Fired up nightmare and heard no artifacts. Next up is listening to other content and verifying other audio hasn't degraded. Thus far I am impressed with Denon in addressing this issue.
Download only took a second. The firmware update took longer. EEPROM isn't known for speed. Checking a few videos now.
Mine is still updating, I kicked it off a few minutes ago. The ETA on my 4520 is around 1 hour. It's currently sitting at 40-some-odd minutes left, updating DSP1.
I'm still baffled why we are speculating on the cause when Denon admitted it was a bug, on their backlog, to be fixed with a future firmware update. I'm sure it's related to some change made on Netflix's end, but obviously it is an issue for the DD+ decoder on Denon gear, and they've acknowledged it as such and stated a future update would fix it. [Edit: perhaps some players share the decoder. If Denon has outright admitted it is confirmed and an issue, and will be...
I think the lamps start arcing at different points when the power provided is low causing flicker. It's horrifically annoying, since low is where you want to be unless running a huge screen or in a room without light control. I'm hoping this new bulb doesn't do this later on, because with the flicker this PJ might as well be a large paperweight. I don't want to feed this thing bulbs like candy just to avoid flicker.
Lamp. I spent hours on the phone with them (Sony support seems horrible), had to ship the projector on my dime even though it was fairly apparent it was lamp-related, they kept it for a month, various excuses why, determined it was the lamp and replaced it. Finally got it back, flicker is gone.For me, it started in low lamp, then eventually migrated to high lamp, exactly as you described, so it's likely the same problem.
As far as I know, Denon has not yet released a firmware update addressing this. My projector is being serviced right now, so I haven't been able to check for updates, but I haven't seen any note of a firmware release yet. Thank you for making your post, it's what motivated me to chase Denon on this one until I got confirmation from them it was an issue and would be addressed in a forthcoming update. I just hope it's sooner rather than later!
Just heard back from Denon: "We did escalate your issue with the Dolby Digital Plus to management that you had raised and found it was verified/escalated to Japan for a future firmware fix a couple weeks ago, so check for available firmware updates in the near future (check every couple weeks or so on the Denon) as they should try to work this in." Awesome CS! Sounds like we have a fix coming our way. I was in contact with them re: a 4520, so I don't know what other...
A reasonable amount of Denon owners are having this issue (to put that into context, all 3 local Denon owners I know have experienced it) - that doesn't mean it's a Denon issue. It does mean whatever the issue is appears to affect many Denon owners. Now that Denon has replicated the issue and can get to the bottom of things (be it an issue with their HW/SW or Netflix), they can either provide fixes for their HW/SW or talk with Netflix on a level that most on this forum...
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