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I've spoken with Denon and linked them to this thread. They are looking into it. Great customer service so far! One of the techs emailed me after I mentioned the thread existed asking for a link. Doesn't get better than that. Hopefully they can figure out where the problem is and sort it out for all of us experiencing the issue.
Call Denon. The only way we'll get this 'fixed' is if Denon gets enough reports/confirms the issue is on their end, and releases an update.
Same exact issue with a Denon 4520CI and Dolby Digital+ on Netflix. I was wondering if it was a defect in my unit. Sounds more widespread. Did Denon get back to you? Do you have a case number or something you can PM? I'll call them as well, I use Netflix a lot and this is ruining streaming for me.
Has anyone figured out a way to get one of these emitting RF instead of IR for 3d? Sony refuses to send me an external IR emitter even though my current unit buzzes (outside serial number range that has the problem, according to their installer support, and wouldn't budge on it) and told me I'd need to return it, which I'm not willing to do since my unit is fantastic otherwise. If I'm going to be purchasing my own emitter, I'd rather switch to RF and not worry about line...
I have 2x HSU ULS-15 subwoofers and one MBM-12 mkII subwoofer. I'm wondering how I should connect these to the Denon for Audyssey. Currently I have two ULS-15" sharing subwoofer out 1, and the MBM-12 on subwoofer out 2. I'm not extremely clear on how multiple sub channels work, so wanted to make sure I've got these connected properly for Audyssey to make the most of this configuration. I wasn't sure if this would lead to the 4520 equalizing the subs to be 'equal' which...
The problem I encounter is once you have made a change with a source it persists. From time to time I choose a different setting based on material but would like to revert it easily for other material on the same source. Guess I'll be using the manual method.
How do you reset the listening mode to what the Denon would have automatically selected? So far I've been going into the menu, information, finding the audio input type, then changing the mode to match it - but I've read elsewhere about a 'std' button that used to exist to do this automatically. I haven't found this on my 4520 remote, so I must be missing something. Thank you, my Google searches have failed me on this one, unfortunately.
Hi, I'm dealing with tons of fun IR problems right now, 3d glasses being one of them. Is there some way to buy a dongle or something to attach to my Sony HW50ES and convert it to using RF for 3d glasses? I'd love to be able to use any 'Full HD 3D' compatible, and not have to worry about IR ever again. Thank you in advance.
Anybody had trouble with the included glasses syncing? I have to stand about 12' from my screen (projector is 15' back from screen) before the glasses would sync up. The manual indicated 5m from screen for the projector mounting location would be fine. My screen is relatively high mounted and the PJ is mounted on a 2' drop mount (about 5' above my head). I also hear buzzing when it's on (so I'm going to email and ask for the external emitter.) Beyond asking if this is...
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