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Looks fine on cable, but OTA I am also seeing MPEG error artifacts onscreen several times a minute (about 8 miles from the transmitter). Even tried a couple different antennas but no change...
Just noticed and of course came here right away haha I'll be checking out tonight shows in glorious 18Mbps HD!!!
Haven't had a chance to watch very much yet but I am incredibly pleased so far! I'm not seeing any real macroblocking issues like with the flexicoder. I used to notice a single frame of serious macroblocking on many scene changes with the old encoder (even at full bitrate), not anymore. Image quality is vastly improved to my eye, and the extreme softness I've seen so frequently in recent weeks is gone now. Overall, the new encoder appears to be producing an image much...
Oh boy, finally! Looks like about 1 minute to go Thanks for the update!
Looks like the WTVH encoder swap has been delayed. Slightly disappointed I can't check it out tonight, but still excited that it is coming soon!
I always appreciate your informative posts MrTV3! They provide excellent insight we would never have otherwise! Your recent post about audio paths made for a good read. Any news on the manufacturer/model of the new encoder? I am incredibly excited to hear that Granite wants their encoder back With a new encoder and the full ATSC bandwidth, we may end up with one of the best looking CBS affiliates around! Thanks for taking the time to keep us updated despite your workload
Wondered about that myself! I guess the 640kbps 5.1 audio from the network feed can't be passed directly and they need to purchase a 5.1 audio encoder sometime...?
Minor gripe about 9WSYR... Was watching the Castle season premiere last night and about 10:35, the return from the commercial break seemed to be in the middle of a scene. Checked the online streaming version from abc.com and about 35 seconds of the show had been cut out. WSYR seems to frequently do this when returning to network programming from local advertisements... but almost 35 seconds seems like way too much. Just mentioning this in case anyone from the...
I haven't been watching too much lately, but I see them too. I never used to see glitches but started noticing them several months ago. Also hoping they go away soon. Logging a test .ts recording for errors looks like a mess, but fortunately most of the errors don't have an associated visual glitch. Thought maybe it was just me!
Awesome, thanks for the update!
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